Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger!

by June

A fresh beginning is just what we need, and here it comes... Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

Preparing for the new year, we've cut our hair, swept out the old with the dust from our corners (well, sorta), and organized our seeds for the growing season. The Chinese New Year celebrates spring, and who isn't ready for that about now?

Traditions abound in celebrating Chinese New Year. Ever since the children were little, we've been creating our own traditions that pivot off vibrant books, festive decorations, delicious foods we often prepare with friends, and dances we dance. Our ways may not be authentic in every detail but instead honor not only where our daughters were born but who we are as a family.

Here's a little peek at Fern and Blossom dancing with the girls they have grown up with in their beloved Chinese School.

Next we'll be sharing books we love and a recipe for dumplings and another for noodles. This is a time of joy for us, and we would love nothing more than that our traditions might brighten your winter too.