Friday, August 19, 2011

Sungold noodles!

By June

How lucky are we that readers actually miss us when we're gone? And miss our recipes? We've gotten special requests for more tomato recipes—one request came from a local friend while we were up to our necks in the lake and another came all the way from a friend in Oklahoma, where the tomato harvest is probably almost over (while ours has barely begun).

We're honored that friends—far and near—care! Thank you!

Fortunately, we've been eager to share one of our favorite recipes. This is the week when we finally finally finally got a whole bowlful of Sungold tomatoes, which means we immediately put on the water for pasta.

This recipe comes from an Alice Waters book from way back. She recommends Sweet 100 tomatoes. I always use Sungolds. My apologies to Alice because I no longer crack the book. I just do it from memory now, which is no doubt the best homage a cook can have. It means the recipe has a place on your family's table—and in their hearts.

So from our hearts (and my memory) to your table...

Sungold Tomato Pasta

Halve as many Sungold tomatoes as you can get your hands on (four or five or six cups). Marinate them in a cup of really great-tasting extra-virgin olive oil and enough red wine vinegar to suit your palate. Add a grinding of black pepper (liberally) and sprinkle on salt to satisfy. Let that rest while you...

...toast a cup-and-a-half (or so) of homemade bread crumbs and...

...boil up your pasta, out of a box or freshly made. We like spaghetti or spaghettini for this recipe.

Just before the pasta is ready, add your tomatoes to a deep skillet and set the flame to a gentle hum. The juices may start to simmer but don't let it simmer long. You just want to warm the tomatoes and get them ready to melt only when you eat them.

Drain the noodles and then tip as many as will fit into the deep skillet. But be gentle with the tomatoes. The beauty of this dish is that the tomatoes melt on your tongue—and not before!  Load into a spacious bowl and sprinkle with the toasted breadcrumbs and a huge handful of torn basil leaves.

Enjoy! We enjoyed ours so much last night that I didn't even grab a photo. You'll have to take our word on this: It was a beautiful sight. And the way it tasted was pure Sungold art.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our peaceable kingdom

by June

Where have we been? Not far really. Home is a good place to be. But since we've been away from here, how about some postcards of our summer?

We've been watching the garden grow in the new beds...

and playing with the silly goats...

Blossom and Fern "pretend" ride the goats.
 ...and the beloved cat and chickens, too.

We've been raising ducklings...

...into ducks named Peach and Ping.

That's Ping with Fern's big toe in her beak.
We sit on the back porch—when we can grab the closing moments of a hectic day—and we watch our peaceable kingdom and think of friends near and far. We've been thinking of you. I can't tell you how intertwined our life on this land is with the friends we've made through the blog. We've heard from some of you lately, asking where we've been and when we'll be back. And we, too, have been wishing we could pick up the conversation where we left off. And now we have. What's new, dears?