Friday, June 18, 2010

All the colors of anticipation

by June

Anticipation starts out pink...

blanches to a pearly blossom...

and then turns green.

Guess what color we can't wait to see?


The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said... Just kiddin'....PURPLY BLUE! I just bought a bunch of blueberries to make my Dad a pie for Fathers Day. I can't wait to go picking here in RI (that will be the end of July for us). We pick at the same farm every year. I'm looking forward to making lots of blueberry goodies!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

BLUE...and I can't blame you. Although we are enjoying the purples, pinks, and black of our mulberries and raspberries. We will go foraging for huckleberries on the mountain nearby when they are in season, but I'd love to have what you are waiting for in my yard.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

How i wish the colour emerge from a colour spectrum i have never seen before.

tom | tall clover farm said...

And if I may project the next photo's caption: Blue, the color of delicious!

Kate said...

Blue :) We had a lovely couple of blueberries bushes absolutely bent under all the berries...until the squirrels (??) came along and ate them the day before I was planning harvest. I sat and cried. I hope yours are delicious and that your squirrels have to sit by and drool while you eat all of your blueberries :)

Conny said...

Awesome photography!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

BLUE! Such beautiful photographs! I'm waiting for ours to turn blue too...they're so close...and I'm so impatient!

Jenna said...

Blue!!! Our are done now...enjoy!!!

Clover said...

Wow! Great pictures!

Unknown said...

Great pics. How nice to enjoy them blueberries when they're ready. Yummy, yum!

mandy said...

I can guess. And sense I was blessed with so much blue this week I shouldn't really be anticipating the red (tomatoes) as much as I am but instead be very very happy with my blue. Between the garden and the children I am patiently learning patience.
These photos are Stunning.

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