Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Postcard from North Haven Island, Maine

A walk to Ames Knob


Stephanie said...

Very beautiful sky. The landscape look so serene with these two children in the photo ;-)

ozark summers said...

kind of reminds me of the trips to mae margerets cabin on the way to SDC.. put the lake in the distance and you are there.( only without the icky boys)

June said...

Stephanie, Yes, the sky is gorgeous. The whole place is almost the definition of serenity.

Ozark Summers, Yes, like that: only without the icky boys OR the itchy chiggers!

Wren said...

Seriously wonderful...sigh..

gardenmama said...

Gorgeous and peaceful, what lucky children!

Tracey said...

ahhhhhh! beautiful!!!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

This pic does make a beautiful postcard! I love how your girls are just meandering down the grass path... sigh... I would have loved being there as a kid - heck I would love it now! :) -Jackie

June said...

Thanks to everyone for sharing a bit of our getaway. It was blissful!

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