Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ten reasons we love our daddy so so so dearly...

By Blossom and Fern

Us with Daddy when we were little

...because he has a strong back!

...because he built a chicken coop for our chickens.

...because, when we are craving chicken tikka masala, he makes it.

...because he always comes to Chinese School and helps out.

...because sometimes, just for fun, he lets us drive the tractor.

...because he makes the BEST bagels.

...because he admits he is freaked out by cockroaches.

...because he can fix anything on the computer.

...because he worries about when we are old ladies, and he is not around to help us.

...because he is going to cry when he reads this.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!


ozark summers said...

thats the great thing about daddys. They are all that and more. Enjoy your day Birch, with your 2 treasures. They grow up so fast and then you are walking them down the isle. love to you all

Birch said...

Thank you, Ozark summers. I'm trying to keep hold of every moment with those 2 treasures!