Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First egg from the Littles!

by June

We're not gone. And you're not forgotten. October has caught us up, and we seem to be whirling as dizzily as the bright leaves falling to earth. We have been eating harvest meals and will have recipes to share soon. The outdoor oven is filling the cold air with woodsmoke and our tummies with the most amazing pizza and bread. And our volunteer work is in full swing for the girls' beloved Chinese School.

Until we can check in with details, here's the biggest news. Our Littles are laying at last. Well, one of them is. And since the Bigs (Dottie and Stormy and Lemon Drop) are currently molting and not laying, this has sparked an especially big celebration! But, really, is there anything more perfect and amazing than a first egg? Isn't it as though you've never seen an egg before, never really seen it?

To read all about the big doin's in the hen house, check out Fern's and Blossom's latest adventure...a blog from the point-of-view of their favorite pullet. Rosie the Hip Chick was inspired by This Goat's Life, a darling blog which the girls have spent hours and hours reading (because you know we need a goat) ever since the wonderfully generous Jen at Under the Big Blue Sky told us we had to read it. We did have to read it. And read it. And read it. We hope you'll feel the same way about Rosie's report from our coop by the river. (Remember to read from the bottom up if you want the chronology to work!)

Don't you want to know what's going on behind that amber eye? I do!

Rosie, our family's newest blogger


The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Hey all - You can now call me a Rosie follower! I can't wait to read all of this hip chicks adventures! Congrats on the egg! I'm lucky enough to work with a fella who has lots and lots of chickens who lay lots and lots of eggs, that he shares with me every week. I thank those chicks every time I crack an egg!

Magnolia Handspun said...

Good morning Rosie, nice to meet you!
Love the "Rosie's report".
I bet your pizzas are so delish, especially when it gets cold out likes this...Have a great week!

JGH said...

Oh, June, I want a goat too. Just a little one. And I won't even ask it to lay eggs. Guess I need to go check out This Goat's Life.
Congratulations on your first from the Littles!

June said...

Lisa: Rosie's first "real" follower! YAY! Thanks so much for your support! And I'm so happy you have a nice source of eggs. You need it for all that luscious baking you do, yum!

Camilla: Rosie is happy to meet you too. The rest of us think of you every time we fire up the pizza oven. How's yours coming? We'll do another update on ours...and then the food report. Swoon.

JGH: Yes, that's all we want too. Just a little one. Isn't it funny how even a little goat is a big deal? Hope you enjoy This Goat's Life. It's a stitch!

Wren said...

Congrats on your first egg!! It's beautiful! One of our ladies lays the most adorable speckled eggs. I love finding it everyday! Never ceases to amaze me. So glad to hear you are enjoying a lovely autumn!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for fresh eggs! I'm glad someone else if loving This Goat's Life as much as we are! Flipped over and we are DEFINITELY following Rosie's posts too. They are excellent.

On the goat love, we passed a farm this weekend with a Goats For Sale sign and Ems said, well, we'll just have to put it in the other front seat!

Sara said...

Oh how fun....I'm going to pop over to Rosie's blog right away! My boys will love it too I'm sure! Thanks for your sweet comment you left me June! Don't let that part of animal husbandry discourage you from getting a goat (or three!)

Heather said...

YEAH! You got an egg! I am still waiting patiently. Ours are 19 weeks and 2 days but who's counting. Lol

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

OK, I'm on my way over to Rosie's place..and the pizza and bread sound yumm-OOOO!
Can't wait to read some of your favorite recipes :-)

June said...

Beegirl: Have I ever told you that the girls can identify which egg came from which chicken? Of course they can tell the hens apart and, ahem, I cannot always. Cherish your speckled eggs!

Jen: Thanks so much for checking out Rosie's blog. If it hadn't been for you... My girls would totally strap a goat into the front seat. Anything! Ha!

Sara: Thanks for visiting Rosie's blog (and ours!). My heart is still sore for your loss. We're trying to toughen ourselves up...

Heather: Our count is still the one egg, darn. But at least we got that one little promise of more to come. Hang in there...the wait IS hard!

Colleen: You wonderful grammie, you! The girls are still giggling about your comments over at Rosie's. I'm so glad you appreciate their attention to...hmm...every little detail.

Thanks everyone for making the girls' first solo blog so much fun for them. It is a delight to write for an appreciative audience. As their mama, I cannot thank you enough for your sweet attention.

Sharon said...

I'm going to head over and learn about chickens and goats right now... How fun!

June said...

Sharon: Thanks! Have fun...

Lyanda said...

Congratulations! What a perfect egg. We were so excited when our new girls started laying a few weeks ago. It's funny--laying eggs is such a common, natural occurence, yet the first egg always seems like an absolute miracle. Enjoy.

gardenmama said...

Lovely photos June!
Congratulations on your sweet egg : )

Gwen Buchanan said...

June, Your blog is simply delightful...
so lovely of you to come to mine for a visit.. I love chickens too and compost and living in the country...

I'll be back!!! take care!!

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