Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you were a girl who wanted a goat...

by June

If you were a girl who wanted a goat, a girl (or two) who wanted a goat not a little bit, not mildly, but madly and a lot, you would look forward to the county fair. You would squirrel away quarters all year. And then when the big day would come at last...OH!

You'd rush right past all those whirly-gig rides...right past the deep-fried pretzels and the maple-cotton candy...right past the guy hypnotizing a whole crowd of people. You would beeline for the goats.

Those goats right there with the chickens, don't they look as though they are waiting just for you? Hurry, hurry! And there's the machine with the little nibbly bits that you can buy for only a quarter. And look, you have a handful of quarters, don't you? Wow! Those nibbly bits drive the goats wild. They lick the last crumbs up with their sweet pink tongues. Oh, life is good when it's time for the fair.

When you run out of quarters, you consent to some of that cotton candy. You watch a big guy take off his shirt because the hypnotist tells the big guy that the temperature has climbed to 100 degrees.'ve been wondering about hypnotism and that is pretty fascinating. But, really, the fair is over for you. It's time to get home for supper.

Supper is the time when you can demonstrate how well you learned that new vocabulary word. Not only can you use it in a sentence, you can perform it by the paragraph: to wheedle. You've been wheedling for a while because you want a goat, maybe two (because one goat might be lonely though maybe not because you do have really really friendly chickens to be her friend). You say you'll milk her after you learn how (and luckily the Cottage Comtesse recently posted a how-to). You say you'll hook her up to a little wagon and walk through the neighborhood calling, "Fresh eggs, milk and cheese for sale!"

In fact, you promise to get your little egg business up and running as soon as the pullets start laying. You promise to save all your quarters this year too -- not to buy nibbly bits for the goats at next year's fair. Oh, no. You are going to save your egg money to buy yourself a whole goat, a real cuddly pink-tongued soft soft soft funny little mama goat.

Isn't that right, Blossom and Fern?


Blossom said...

But aren't they so cute, Mommy?

Fern said...

That's right, Mommy!

June said...

How are you going to sneak the goat past Daddy? Hmmm....

Birch said...

I think I might notice a goat or two wandering around the yard. But I do like goat cheese... And I do admire your wheedling talents...

farmama sara said...

I have some goats for you! If only you weren't totally on the other side of the country! What a sweet post!

Unknown said...

Oh, I LOVED this post! And I'm so thrilled that Blossom and Fern might get to learn to milk a REAL goat! Perhaps soon? Say yes, Birch!!

Thank you for mentioning my post. I truly hope it DID help, even if it was just to inspire!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hmmm..if you can find a really really teensy goat, maybe you could pass it off as a rather odd looking Maybe, just maybe..but then you'd have to explain the whole "Nahhaanahh" thing and why it doesn't sound more like "ruff ruff"..Hey, I got it! You can say it hasn't learned the language, maybe it's from...France..or it has an accent!

Then again, maybe not...

JGH said...

I felt like I was right there at the fair with you! But I don't know if I could have passed up the maple cotton candy ;-)

Wren said...

This is adorable. Looks like they had a wonderful time. Now, they need to start working on my husband... : )

A Friend Across the Miles said...

How does Dad resist? He must have a very strong fortitude! And kids passing up fair food? Get out!

Laura A said...

Heh, heh. I am most frighteningly familiar with the verb "to wheedle." I remember all the signs posted around our apartment in favor of canaries, for instance. I might have actually fallen for a goat! It sounds so...Colfax family.

Hope I haven't just made your job harder ;-).

Magnolia Handspun said...

June, I'm with the girls, I hope you say yes...!
Goats are so sweet and easy to take care of.
How can one resist such a cute face?

Anonymous said...

Oh June, I am right there with you with the goat yearnings. Hoping this can become a reality for you soon!

Sounds like your head dreams as big about goats as mine!

You are reading This Goats Life the blog aren't you?

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Can't wait for the 'goat' posts!

sarah in the woods said...

This is so cute. Reminds me of the little lamb I had.

gardenmama said...

Oh, my goodness this is just too cute!!! And the image of it all just melts me!
"You say you'll hook her up to a little wagon and walk through the neighborhood calling,Fresh eggs, milk and cheese for sale!"
C'mon Daddy Birch can't the girls get a goat!?! : )

Quinn Lavigne said...

haha! today at the fair we saw some mighty cute goats! come on birch!! say yes!!! or maybe i'll have to come and help convince you...! haha! well it sure looks like you'll have a hard time saying "no" now! i hope i get to meet a goat (or two) in the near future!

Spring Lake Farm said...

Go! Girls! Go!

Country Girl said...

Had I known you a month ago.....We just about gave our 2 goats away. We had a nigerian and a pygmy. The kids paid big bucks for the nigerian, she could have been registered. In our 1 year of goat raising we made LOTS of mistakes and it cost us dearly. Not to discourage you I did enjoy them. I had planned on milking them but the thought of adding to my chore list made buying goat milk from the farmer when I needed much more appealing. What kind of goats do your girls want? Not saying I wouldn't do again just would have done differently. P.S. If you get a whether as a companion goat feed VERY little, mostly hay. We killed 2, learned the hard way!

Linda said...

That's a lovely thing to wish for! We love goats' cheese here, so send some our way once you start your enterprise!

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