Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Marmalade laid an egg!"

by Blossom

Here's one of our favorite hens, Marmalade, laying an egg. The hens are comfortable with Fern and me because we raised them from chicks. So we took my camera into the coop and waited.


Anonymous said...

Great movie!

Grace from Chinese School Ginger said...

I have enjoyed making movies of my cats! The hen seemed to make alot of noise while lying the egg. Have any of them hatched? If so, what are thier names?

Blossom said...

Hi Grace! The hens don't sit on the eggs long enough to hatch so we just eat them. But we are getting new chicks on May 14. We are still picking out names.
I would like to see some of your cat movies.

James said...

That's a great little clip - she seemed so calm, quite different to one of my chickens that is 'going off' in the background here as I type. Also great that you could get up close while she was laying. All our chickens were more of less point of lay when we acquired them so I don't have that close relationship that you have with hens raised from chicks.

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