Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet the Hens

by Fern

Tuesday is one of our favorite chickens. Blossom and I like her because when she was a chick she was the littlest one, and we had to take special care of her. We can always tell her egg because it has little brown spots on the top of it. Tuesday likes to sled and ride in the wagon.

Marmalade is another of our favorite chickens. She is the pretty one with the fan-shaped tail. Her egg is pointy at the top.

Dottie is especially soft and white. Her breast is covered in white feathers. Our white cat likes to rub his nose on her breast feathers. We identify her egg by how white it is compared to the others.

Lemon Drop got her name because she had yellow dots on her forehead. She is the one who got her egg stuck. Daddy had to hold her upside down to make it come out. Her eggs are always the largest ones.

Stormy is named Stormy because she has a very stormy personality. Her egg always comes out with a poop on it.


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Lovely blog! I'm looking forward to visiting more often. Those chickens are beauties, and sweet names they have.
Thank you for the ID of my blue flowers, you are right, they are Glory-of-the-Snow.

ebp said...

We have friends who have chickens-although our friends' chickens (Putz, Poodle and Alice) are city chickens, whereas these are farm chickens!
I love your beautiful birds! --Kate (Ellen's daughter)

Fern said...

Putz, Poodle and Alice! I love those names!

Thanks for telling us about the city chickens.

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