Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Fox at Dusk

by June

Precious few sunsets have been ours this spring. Raindrops, we've had those by the bucket. But last evening, the light was so golden and sweet it seemed to cling to the edges of every leaf and blade. Our shadows stretched long behind us as we waved sapling maples above our heads like blazing torches that signaled, "spring at last, spring at last."

We played in the light as we sometimes play in the river.

The chickens were out and about -- but under shelter of the chicken-wire dome that was built to protect one of the raised beds. (Instead it was protecting the raised beds from the chickens.) The wire dome is easy to move, even if someone is nine years old. The girls hopscotch the dome around the yard, and the chickens dine on grubs and grass in one patch then another. It'll do until we get the heavy-duty chicken tractor ready.

But it seemed scant protection as dusk fell. We were finishing supper, and Blossom saw a rusty flash past the window: "Fox!" The hens too cried alarm using what the girls call their "goose-honking." Daisy Roo puffed out his feathers and crowed. The four of us spilled out of the house with arms wheeling.

What a brazen (and beautiful) creature, that fox. He looked at us. We looked at him. Daisy Roo looked from him to us, from him to us again as if to say, "Well, so? What're you gonna do about that?"


Stephanie said...

Hi June, that fox look scary. Do people kill them or just chase them away? Such a big animal. I cannot imagine myself facing it in any way. TQ for dropping by my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Seasonal Wisdom said...

Hi June: Great picture of the fox. He was quite big, wasn't he? Have enjoyed reading your blog. Happy gardening. Teresa

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

What a lovely blog you have June! I'm a follower now. I can't wait to see what else you have in store! Thanks for stopping by my "place". Your girls are adorable!

commonweeder said...

What a moment! did you know that seeing a fox is supposed to be a good omen? You have a beautiful place. I'm glad more and more people are raising chickens. they are cheerful, domestic and productive - and make me happy.

June said...

Stephanie, We are definitely NOT getting any closer. Thanks for visiting the blog. We like to visit yours too!

Teresa, We enjoy your blog too. I LOVED your iPhone plus magnifying glass tip.

Lisa, You speak my language (and I'm not just talking about the chocolate). So happy to have found your blog. Thanks for stopping by over here.

Common Weeder, We did not know that a fox was good omen. I hope THREE foxes is three times as good because we seem to have three around here. And the chickens do provide so much happiness, they just do. And not just because we love the eggs. We just plain love chicken-watching. Good to see you here. I learn so much from yours...


ebp said...

The fox looked beautiful, but dangerous at the same time - if it's possible to have both at the same time! I've never seen a fox in the wild before. Thanks for putting the story up on your blog.
- Kate

Linda said...

I think your fox looks scarier than mine! And lovely photos of your children playing. Mine are teenagers now and don't romp about the place so much - tho when they do I certainly notice it!

I'm interested in your homeschooling life. I discovered homeschooling too late to do it. Anyway, homeschooling is not nearly so common in the UK, and my kids are totally happy in school. Actually I found out about homeschooling through another hen-keeping homeschooling family. Do you know Miranda's blog at www.nurturedbylove.blogspot.com?

June said...

Linda, I think your fox was totally adorable. Totally. Not at all like ours, who looked like he had a taste for chicken--not chocolate-chip cookies.

Now I'm headed over to check out Miranda's blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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