Monday, May 4, 2009

Eulogy for Tuesday: She was a sweet chicken

by June

Tuesday was just a chicken. And we love people who lately have lost dear people, and we have lost dear people too. We don't equate the loss of our hen with the loss of someone who has laughed across the breakfast table or tucked a child into bed. But, forgive us, we do grieve.

She was a chicken who loved to be held by two little girls. And those two little girls loved to hold her. They had a blanket just for her. She was the littlest chick and needed them more and, so, got all they had to give. She was a chicken who rode in a green wagon and went flying down the hill on a sled. She didn't flap or squawk. She nestled into the girls' arms and flew. Chickens don't fly, but on that sled, in their arms, Tuesday did.

We were away last week. When we got home the dandelions were blooming yellow all over the lawn, and Tuesday came out to play. She fluffed in the dust. She followed the girls wherever they went. She ate good grubs. And the next morning, we don't know why, she was dead. As Fern puts it in disbelief, "actually dead."

There was a funeral involving her favorite blanket and violets and a lot of tears. Birch said it best, "She was a sweet chicken."

I'm back out in the garden. Birch has mowed for the first time this year. The girls are pushing each other on the big swing in the silver maple. But there's a hole in our world shaped like Tuesday. And we see that little hen everywhere.


ebp said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Tuesday. Your eulogy is one of the sweetest and most beautiful I've read. And I love the photo of her sledding. What a magnificent hen!

Fern said...

Thank you. Tuesday was a lot of fun!

Blossom said...

Thank you. We really miss her!

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about Tuesday, girls. Was Tuesday the chicken we tried to get Nicole to hold? I'll miss her! My mom says that Tuesday was her favorite also!

Green Bean said...

I'm so sorry. My sister and her two little girls just lost their hen, Poppy. What places these animals fill.

ozark summers said...

Iam sorry to hear of Tuesday. We have had our chicken losses chicks quickly become your new friends and fun times will be made with them..xoxox

islandgardener said...

So very sorry for your loss. I just wish you could have a video of her on the sled to post -- so funny, I am sure!!! And priceless for you to have, given that she is gone. Reminds me of the dogs you see on skateboards or surfboards -- something you don't expect from an animal in our element! Treasure the memories!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm sorry to hear about your chicken. She sure was pretty and sounds like she was a lot of fun. It really is hard to lose a pet that you love so much. My daughter's pet finch died this morning and it was very sad for her.

Fern said...

Thanks, sportslover! Tuesday was the one.

Thank you, Catherine. I am so so sorry about your pet finch!

Blossom said...

Green bean, Oh Poppy! I am so sorry. We have ben planing to name one of our chicks Poppy.

Ozark summers, Our new chicks are coming on May 14 so we are excited!!

June said...

Island Gardener, Thanks for your kind words. We are hoping against hope that we have some footage of Tuesday sledding. We just aren't very organized about that kind of thing!

Libby said...

The sweetest little eulogy I've ever read. Sweet dreams precious Tuesday. We understand. xo

Tricia Orchard said...

Cat, dog, chicken, bird. It is sad no matter what kind of pet it is. It took me two years before I could talk about my cat Meiko without crying and I am a 35 year old woman! Pets are precious!


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