Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing...Maple and Sugar!

by Blossom and Fern

We had to show our chicks to Grandpa Hickory on iChat

We have been feeling really sad about Tuesday. And we thought it was going to be better because last Thursday we were going to get our next batch of Silver-Laced Wyandotte chicks. But our farm store called and said that the chicks were delayed for a week. We were really disappointed. We already had the food and the box and the light and the water ready for them.  And we were really looking forward to holding them and playing with them. After art class, we kept thinking about how we should have our chicks right now. But we didn't.

Mommy suggested we look at the farm store and see if they had extras. That didn't work either. All the chicks were ready to be picked up by other people who pre-ordered them. There were little puff balls all huddled up in a little circle, but we had to leave without a single one. The sign said that on Saturday they would sell leftovers who nobody picked up. Mommy promised could we go back then.

Saturday finally came. Six chicks were left: three Rhode Island Reds and three Golden Comets. At first, we wanted two Rhode Island Reds, but the owner said that we had to buy them in groups of six. So...what to do? We had six Silver-Laced Wyandottes coming, but we really really really really really wanted to scoop up a little puffie and listen to it peep. But we couldn't even touch the ones in the pen.

We decided to buy all six. We will keep two Rhode Island Reds and give away the other four to friends who live in the next town over (so we'll still get to see them).

Here are our new babies...
Maple has a stripe on her head.

Sugar has a constant dingleberry.
 (Daddy is really embarrassed that we said that, but it's true.)

We were so excited that we tried to sleep with them in our room, but they were too peep-y. We couldn't even think to read. Now they sleep in the basement. But we play with them outside all day long. And when they need a little cozy time, guess where they go? Up our sleeves!


Quinn Lavigne said...

They sound so cute! Do you think Nicole will be scared of these ones? Have fun with the new chicks!

ozark summers said...

have fun girls.. tell daddy to run a bath.. for the dingleberries.hee hee

June said...


Nicole will definitely like these long as they don't crawl up her sleeve!


We knew even if Daddy did not appreciate the reference to the dingleberries, YOU would! Which is why we love you so much.

June for Blossom and Fern

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