Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our favorite gardening tool: Chopsticks!

by June

We bee-lined out to the garden after a rain. The Chinese Blues cabbage was riddled with holes. And the wretched slugs were still there gnawing, the nerve. Never fear! The girls and I were armed with...chopsticks!

We pinched up the gooey invaders and hurled them off into the meadow.

Fern: "Look, they're on the kale too!"

Blossom: "Why do they only go for the good stuff? It would actually help if they'd eat the weeds."

Ever since I stumbled onto the Japanese Gardener's post about using chopsticks to perk up his violas, we've been using them for everything. We fish edamame beans out of the inoculant slurry and poke them into the soil with one deft motion. Same with nasturtium and morning glory seeds, oh glory! We scratch the soil before broadcasting tiny seeds and pluck tiny weed sprouts out from among the radishes.

Once in New York City, I saw a woman using chopsticks in a way so clever I thought it could never be topped. She was obeying the "pooper scooper" laws meant to keep the sidewalks clear of dog doo: pickin' up the poopoo, puttin' it in the baggie. But, I have to say, I feel almost as clever clearing the cabbage of pests -- without having to scour slug slime off my fingers afterward. Just wait until tomato horn worm season...


Anonymous said...

haha!! when the pests come, i'll call your girls to get rid of them for me!! get those chopsticks ready!!

June said...

In the meantime, can you get over here to help, Sportslover? With all this damp weather, the slugs are having a slugfest out there.

HKpowers said...
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Heather said...

Me too, I use them for so many things in the garden!

Mayberry Magpie said...

Hi there blog neighbor! Thanks for visiting Mayberry Magpie. I'm having a delight exploring your blog and feel like I've found a kindred spirit. (Yes, I'm a town dweller, albeit a very small town, but I've always wanted a "gentleman's farm" and yours looks lovely.) Your photography is gorgeous and your posts are right up my alley. Thanks for leading me here!

P.S. My favorite television show of all time is obviously Andy Griffith, but Green Acres runs a close second.

Beegirl said...

Holy cow ..those slugs are enormous!! Do you have any chickens you can feed them to? Just wanted to drop you a line - so far the newspaper and grass clippings seem to be working great. Haven't tried shredded paper..wondering if I should? For now been folding the sheets in half. Seems to be keeping the weeds down nicely. Hoping it will till under in the fall, other wise I'll be picking out a mess of paper!!

tom tall clover farm said...

Thank goodness I saw your post after a delicious lunch at our local Chinese Restaurant. I must admit your chopstick solution is a kinder gentler approach than my satay skewer slug patrol. Some of the slugs around Seattle are so big you may have to forget the chopsticks and pick up some BBQ tongs.

Anonymous said...

Inspired! Not only can I remove slugs from the garden but I can practice my noodle-eating technique at the same time!

Garden Mum said...

Little Garden Girl has been learning how to uses chopsticks - now she can practice on the slugs. What a great idea. And great blog too - lovely blog award for you over at mine.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hahaha! I'll have to sent this to my neighbor - our little street's resident Gardner :-)

Sharon said...

Delightful! I'll have to give it a whirl!

June said...

Heather, Aren't they versatile? Please stop by with news of any unique work you put them to...

Mayberry Magpie, When I stumbled upon your blog, I thought I had stumbled into a little piece of heaven. I grew up very near your Mayberry, and it's like a trip home to read your goings-on about town. Thank you for following me back here. I can tell we'll be back and forth A LOT!

Beegirl, You got it. The slugs are enormous. Our chickens won't touch 'em. Which is why we need ducks. But the girls are still sensitive about losing their favorite chicken, Tuesday, and they are afraid to give their heart to another mortal species. I love your weed control and will be watching avidly to hear how the season treats it.

Tom, Satay skewers!!! Sometimes I feel like that would be JUST the thing. Malevolence does spring up in my heart when confronted with the legions of slugs. They are practically Roman around here. Yesterday, I did use the chopsticks for the truly benevolent purpose of helping a bee out of pail.

Drooling Vegetable, What should be my iPod soundtrack for picking up slugs? Thanks for stopping by!

Garden Mum, OH, thank you for the blog award. How very nice of you! I get such a kick out of following along with you and your little gardeners. I'm glad Garden Girl will have another way to practice her chopstick skills.

Utah Grammie, Are slugs bad in Utah? It seems so dry and nice out there...

Sharon, Please let me know how it goes for you. I'm sure you'll make yet more discoveries about their usefulness.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. We love "chatting" with you.

Toni said...

What a good idea!

No slugs out here in Wyoming. Too dry for them...

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