Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nothing says happy birthday like...chocolate (beer) cake with salted caramel frosting

by June to say happy birthday to the stoutest-hearted daddy on these four green acres? How about a chocolate cake made with beer and frosted with salted caramel? Yeah! That'll do it.

We found a cupcake recipe over at the Brooklyn Kitchen blog that said, "Try me, try me." So we did. We turned our lush batter into some cupcakes and also a one-layer cake of splendid flavor and yumminess. It seemed a cake suited the birthday boy better than a mere cupcake.

Did we mention the sprinkle of Malden's flakes of sea salt on top? And espresso beans gleaming with dark chocolate?

Happy birthday, Birch!


Autumn Belle said...

Wow, this cake looks very delicious indeed! What more if it is made at home with plenty of love. My Happy Birthday wishes and 'Many Happy Returns of the Day' to Birch, the lucky person.

vuejardin said...

Beer and dark chocolate - two best things for a great man. Happy Birthday!

Quinn Lavigne said...

hey birch! (and june, blossom, and fern) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRCH! also to the girls! hope you had a great day! that cake looks really good, also!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmm

Garden Girl said...

This sounds fab - and it was our GardenBoy's birthday too... so perhaps I should suggest this to him. The one he had picked out of my recipe book was a Honey-Chocolate one from Nigella Lawson's 'Feast' recipe book... we were inundated with cakes from friends though (lucky us!) so I promised I would make it when we had finished our gift-cakes. Maybe he'll change his mind for beer-chocolate cake...

Stephanie said...

I just made some choc cup cakes on Friday for my friend's bridal shower. I saved this recipe for other occasion. TQ!

ozark summers said...

happy birthday birch and fern and blossom.we will send you yummy thoughts of baby backs from the ozarks... cake looks and sounds great... enjoy the day

Susan said...

that sounds outrageous!

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Wow, now that's a cake! Happy belated Birch! You are one lucky Daddy and Hubby!

gardenmama said...

Wow!!! What a recipe!!

homehum said...

Mmmmm, that cake looks yummy! I love the combination of sweet, chocolate, and salty. It looks beautiful, too. A Happy Birthday to your darling.

Libby said...

Wow! Recipe please! :) Happy Belated Birthday to Birch. A well deserved treat for sure.

Christina said...

I make a similar cake that is three layers of near-black chocolatey stouty goodness. I love the idea of salted caramel icing. Great suggestion!

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