Friday, December 18, 2009

'Tis the season for potato latkes with horseradish sauce

by June

Our family is knitted together of strands that stretch back in time to the island of Manhattan and to a little town in the midwest where Main Street was also Route 66 and to the vast Yangtze river valley. We have many traditions to celebrate.

This past week, we've been lighting candles for Hannukah. Along with the twinkle from the Christmas tree, the candles create a glow that warms us against the cold, dark approach of the solstice.

All year, we anticipate these nights when we shred potatoes with onion and fry them on a griddle.

But latkes wouldn't be latkes if we didn't top them off with our favorite mid-winter sauce: creamy horseradish sauce. The girls and I have to resist the urge to slurp it...well, sometimes we resist. Do try it, please. (Note: I leave out the garlic because I don't like the competition with the horseradish.) It's amazing as a dip for roasted vegetables.

We've just managed to squeeze in this post as the last candles of the season are burning down, but we have much celebrating ahead...Christmas, then the festivals of Chinese New Year as we welcome the Year of the Tiger. Which means our holiday spirits won't burn down until February 28. Hope you won't mind joining us for our beloved traditions all along the way.


Anonymous said...

bring it on and on and on. i wish we could carry this feeling through all year, at least there is much more celebrating still to be had.

beautiful, peaceful holidays to you and your family June, I hope they are full of love and light.

Amy Blogs @ River Rock Cottage said...

June, I'm even more wild about horseradish sauce than I am lemon curd! I've printed this up and will serve it with prime rib on Christmas day! I just love trading all these fabulous recipes! Thank you!!

Linda said...

Thank you for the recipe. I LOVE horseradish. In Austria they serve a great fresh horseradish relish along with open sandwiches. Is there anything to the potato cakes apart from potato and onion - do you bind them with anything? (we have a lot of potatoes to use up, so I'm on the lookout for new ideas).

I'll look forward to reading more about your family traditions.

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

I knew I smelled something good over here...So lovely and special that your family has so much to celebrate...makes this holiday even richer. The candles and light are such a big part of this holiday, beautiful how you incorporate it all June.
God Jul
Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
have a blessed celebration and season with your family.
love Camilla

Catherine said...

What beautiful celebration! The photos are amazing! Keep celebrating!

Earth Mama said...

Oh, I'd love to hear of all of your various celebrations going on. What fun to have such diversity. Horseradish is something I've grown a great fondness for this year and your dip sounds delish! What a beautiful picture of your last flicker of candle light. Did you guys get some snow this weekend?

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

How wonderful to blend so many cultures for the holiday season! It's really what this country is all about. My brother married into a Jewish family and I was always so honored to be invited to Hannukah meals as well as Passover. Some of my most wonderful memories. Happy Holidays!

JGH said...

Definitely looking forward to hearing about all the fun traditions through Feb, June! You know what they say about latkes right? They're not real latkes unless there's a little knuckle blood mixed in. I'm thinking I may try to grow horseradish next year - it's so addiciting!

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful traditions with me - what a heritage your family shares, what a gift...


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