Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'Tis the season for snowy-day noodle-making

by June

We're home most days (at least half the day). But snow days are still snow days, which is to say special. They are not to be squandered but savored.

Today was our first big snowstorm of the season. It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was the perfect kind of day for two things...playing outside and playing with noodle dough.

When the hens are being generous -- and hallelujah, the Littles are now laying -- we like to stock up on fresh noodles.

We use a cup of flour for every two eggs. The traditional way to mix the dough is by making a "bowl" of the flour and breaking the egg into the center and then drawing in flour with a fork until the dough has the perfect doughiness. (In our kitchen, we judge doughy perfection by whether it's as pinchable as one of the girl's cheeks.) Often, though, we toss both ingredients into the food processor and make a series of batches.

Then it's just a little kneading...

A little "chunking" down to size...

A little rolling through the machine...

A little cutting into noodles (after letting the sheets become dry to the touch but still pliable)...

We dry them on the same racks we use to dry our mittens and scarves after a good day on the snowshoes. On a day like today, all the racks get to work.

Now we have noodles to add to soup or to toss with sauce for a quick dinner in the midst of all the work that's going on here for our homemade Christmas. Sometimes the noodles even become one of the homemade gifts: Dried into little nests, we tuck the noodles into a basket with a jar of sauce (Italian tomato or Chinese Tangy Orchid), clementines, and some cookies. It's a quick meal for friends as busy merrymaking as we are.

What do you love to do on a snow day?


Holly Days Closet said...

Thank you so much I have always wanted to know how to make noodles I'll be giving it a try.

Magnolia Handspun said...

I like reading your blog on a snow day...
Lovely images and your girls are becoming master chefs.
It looks fun!
Chinese tangy Orchid...sounds delish.

On a snow day...sledding, snowball fight, snowman building and skiing.
Hot cocoa with whip cream, cold clementines(they have to be cold),and gingerbread cookies...
June, thank you for your sweet words.

Dan said...

Your noodles look great! I have never made pasta before but I do love fresh pasta. My favorite thing to do on a snow day is watch the birds at the feeder well drinking coffee. A close runner up is shooting snow 50' in the air with my snow blower. The two don't seem to jive very well do they :-)

Dawn Suzette said...

Okay... now I want a pasta machine. I have tried it without.. impossible! This is a great snow day activity!
We love to bake, read by the fire and of course get out there in the white stuff! :)

Catherine said...

What a great gift idea! And such a fun activity to make with children! Lovely! I'll get the pasta machine out tomorrow!

A Friend Across the Miles said...

I love the egginess of homemade noodles. There's just nothing like them in chicken soup.

Thinking of you Friend!

sarah in the woods said...

My mom used to make noodles occasionally. It was always a treat. She didn't have a handy machine though; she rolled and cut them by hand.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

My Mom used to make homemade pasta all the time when I was growing up. One of my fondest memories is seeing all the noodles hanging everywhere around the house it seems to dry. What a wonderful activity to do on a snowy day!

Anonymous said...

yummm! i do love those noodles!!!!!

Stephanie said...

A cup of flour and two eggs - that's so easy to remember! Glad you share this. I would try one day. The noodles look so lovely and I am sure they taste good! yum yum...

Anonymous said...

This sound like a perfect day when you have storm outdoors!
Do you add any salt? I would assume yes.
I have to try this, but have to buy cutting machine first.

Daphne Gould said...

I haven't made pasta in a decade. I still have my little machine which looks just like yours.

Sharon said...


Would you want to add it to my carnival today? it's perfect!

Kelly said...

Wow, this is sooo cool!!

Conny said...

If we were to have snow days here, I think I'd be making pasta too. I love the photo of the noodles drying, waving (in the picture) like very long flags.

I also wonder if the taste of the noodles is even better because you're using your own chickens' eggs. Do they dry darker also?

Thanks for posting on your snow day. :>)

Jamie said...

Oh, so yummy! My grandma still makes homemade noodles and rolls them out by hand. Now my tummy is growling!

sarah said...

lovely. lovely. lovely. what a good day to be in making noodles.

i remember my grandma making these up in her cabin when i was little. she would have a huge pot of chicken soup going ont the stove.. she has many many grandchildren. (she is the one on my blog header)

have a good weekend june and all..

Deborah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deborah said...

Looks so yummy! Makes me nostalgic... My mom (now in Heaven) used to make homemade noodles.

Thanks for bringing back a JOY-filled memory...

JGH said...

Shame on me - I have a pasta maker out in the garage that hasn't been used in years. But we are expecting a snowstorm this weekend, so maybe....!!

Lyanda said...

We've SO enjoyed your wonderful seasonal posts. And why does this happen so often with us?--we've been making pasta too (though alas, no snow). Claire loves the idea that you can use flour as a "bowl," and the chickens, who donate their beautiful eggs to the cause, love leftover noodles! Not there are very many of those...Have fun!

Country Girl said...

Very cool. I have never made noodles before and that noodle maker will be next on my list. I asked for a "nice" waffle maker for Christmas. Makes like easier if as I strive to cook more and more from scratch.

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