Friday, July 3, 2009

100 snails

by June

You know how, on summer nights, children go out and play until the dusk overtakes them? After supper tonight, ours went out and frolicked between thunderstorms and caught...snails. The snails have scaled up to the tops of my delphinium and hollyhocks. They lurk on the front steps. They sway in the chamomile. But now their damp-induced rampage is imperiled: The girls have discovered that the chicks love to eat them, emphasis on love.

This is what one-hundred snails look like. I know because nine-year-olds count when they capture snails.

(For the squeamish among us, just take comfort in the fact that their daddy is currently sitting on Fern and Blossom and scrubbing them with hot water, soap, and a fingernail brush.)


Anonymous said...

ew.......i dont like all!! at least we didnt find many in my garden!!

June said...

Your garden was surprisingly pristine, given the weather, sportslover. It was a pleasure flicking off what slugs we did find. And wasn't it nice that the sun was out and we felt HOT?

Birch said...

Yuck! And again I say, Yuck!

ozark summers said...

heee heee heee... im with Birch... roaches,slugs, snails and millipeds.. dont like 'em at all.. oh and ticks..... eeewwww..... break out the lava and a body brush.... lol

Stephanie said...

Good that they are not afraid of snails. You can tell them to catch snails anytime ;-) As for me... I can only hold the shell... cannot let it 'walk' on my hand like that... errrryyyrr...

Garden Mum said...

I echo the eeewwww's and yuck's. But well done to your girls. Not sure Garden Girl would do the same. But then I struggle to pick them up so she hasn't exactly got the greatest teacher in her 'know no fear' class.

Autumn Belle said...

Good to show us this picture of garden snails. As for the kids, I'm sure they will fond memories of dad and his garden when they grow up.

Jane Marie said...

eww! you girls are brave adventurers, that's for sure. what lucky plants are those in YOUR gardens, oh slug-hunting knightresses! i miss you & wish i were there with you to feed slugs to the chickens.. hope the sun has peeked through there as it has here. stunning pictures and words, june; you inspire your readers to pine for some time with you in your garden and kitchen. not to mention some more time to work on our own blogs...

tom | tall clover farm said...

Bravo, to your intrepid young hunters! I clap to the success of their snail hunt (and on behalf of the chickens) though it's best I do that once my hands are clean and empty from my own snail and slug hunt. I found a couple today that I think could pull a tractor.

Wren said...


June said...

Hey, everyone: Thanks for stopping by and forgive us the gross-out. But it was just so...riveting. The girls have a role model in neither parent, so I'm not sure how they became such slug-hunting knightresses (as Jane Marie puts it). But they do us proud in the garden, as everywhere.

Linda said...

Lucky to have chickens! The urban solution here is to dump the snails in the middle of a traffic island on a busy road...

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