Monday, July 27, 2009


by June

Doesn't look like much of a harvest, huh? But these are Sungold tomatoes. Sungold! The essence of tomato-y tomato yumminess. Accordingly, we had our annual first-tomato celebration Saturday night.

Here's how we served our harvest for four people who are long-cold-winter-into-long-cold-summer starved for fresh tomatoes:

Sliced in half.

Sprinkled with sea salt.

One. Two.!

In unison: Hmmmmm...hmm.

Be sure and jump over to the amazing Daphne's to see her palate-boggling Monday harvest and to find links to other gardeners' posts about what's coming out of their gardens. Good fun! Good eating!


Daphne said...

Oh yum the first Sungolds. They are my favorite tomato of all time for their taste. Their earliness is a sweet bonus.

June said...

Daphne: I know! They are so way-ahead of the other tomatoes. Warms my heart to have them this summer. Great harvest report happening over your way. Love seeing what's going on in the gardens...

Amanda said...

Oh no, someone else with ripe tomatoes! Now I'm going to go away and sulk... ;-)

Linda said...

June, busy summer life has kept me away from reading as many blogs as I'd like. I can see I've got loads to catch up on here!
Envious of your tomatoes, of course - my wee Scottish ones are just little green marbles at the moment.

June said...

Amanda: Oh, no need to sulk. It's just the two tiny ripe ones. Yours will ripen soon!

Linda: Summer is craze time, I know. Come winter, we'll all be zooming back and forth like bees between the blogs. If it is any comfort, most of our tomatoes are still little green marbles too.

Laura A said...

Funny, mine are declining by now. They're Supersweet 100s. But I planted them really early, in May, and I've had lots of them. Mine are in a planter box.

June said...

Laura A: New York City tomatoes! I would've loved to have seen photos! Next summer you have to promise...

Dan said...

Your tomatoes are lovely!

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Yeah!!! Now I don't feel alone in my pathetic tomato harvest! I do have cukes and zukes out the ying wyang tho. Now if those tomatoes would just ripen!

Wren said...

Hooray! So lovely photographed against the blue! We got ONE tiny red cherry tomato on Sunday. Gave it to Mom and she popped it right in...mmmm! Can't wait for those babies to turn...

Flo said...

Lucky you! There are loads of green toms on my Sungold this year and I'm having real trouble waiting for them to ripen, I wish they'd hurry up!

June said...

Dan: Your whole garden is lovely!

Lisa: You are not alone, woman. Not at all!

Beegirl: It was a nice nibble. Only increased our anticipation. And don't blue and orange do nice vibrate-y things together?

Flo: Hang on! Once those Sungolds get revved up and ready, you will be eating by the handful (and freezing too)!

sarah said...

Beauty of a photo, June! Sea salt and Sungolds.. yumm.

tom | tall clover farm said...

Very very nice. We should break a record today in Seattle at 100, but still no tomatoes. Tomorrow may be the day my sungolds arrive and then my Northern Exposures and then my Sugar Lumps and then my Old Germans and then my 20 pounds for excessive BLT consumption.

Prairie Girl said...

Thank you for the visit :)

This is the first year we're growing tomatoes and I can't wait for them to ripen. Your sea salt and sungolds have me salivating even more :)

Magnolia Handspun said...

Hence the name..."sungold" what a perfect name for something so delish!
Love the contrasting colors of the blue and yellow.

vuejardin said...

We already harvested 200+ cherry tomatoes, still have close to 100 on the plant. It is the most productive one in my garden, a bit too much for us :)

homehum said...

Those tomatoes are gorgeous! And, I bet they were yummy. I love the "sungold" color against the cerulean blue--nature's eye candy.

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Beautiful picture - and I'm completely jealous. No tomatoes from our garden this year. Long story, learning experience.

Sungold. I'm going to remember that for next year.

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