Monday, August 17, 2009

Marmalade's last eggs

by June

Hearts are sore here. August usually brings Grandpa Hickory for a good, long visit. It brings sun-ripe tomatoes. It brings long days that ease into nighttime while we're telling stories in the swing. But not this year. Instead, we have late blight, many worries, and worst, another lost chicken.

Marmalade in her favorite ride

Marmalade died. Blossom and Fern thought they had nursed her back into the pink after she looked a little pale on Sunday. But, alas, just as Birch slid our supper into the pizza oven Tuesday evening, Blossom cried for help from the chicken coop. She had found the little hen in her final moments. It's hard enough to be ten years old and lose your favorite chicken. But to watch her die? It's unspeakable. Supper burned. We spent the night crying.

Marmalade's eggs on the windowsill shrine

All the trouble has kept us away from all our friends' blogs. We apologize. We miss you. We'll be back soon. Right now, we're trying to get balance back in our lives. The girls blew the innards out of Marmalade's last two eggs, which fortunately were still in the fridge. They made a little shrine on their windowsill. And since she was the last of their cuddly chickens, they're nurturing a new love...the rooster.

Daisy Roo gets promoted to snuggle buddy (whether he likes it or not)

Oh, and there are brighter posts in the future, we promise. We may not have many tomatoes to sauce this year, but did you catch it up there when I mentioned that Birch slid supper into the pizza oven...? Yep! The pizza oven is roaring, and what's coming out of it is enough to perk us up even during this bleak August.


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! My 6 yr old found his 16 wk old Cuckoo Maran a few weeks the process of dying. He was so distraught! Last year my oldest lost his favorite to a dog, on his's hard. I love the egg shrine, what a nice way to remember them by.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss. Think it only appropriate you should take the time and what an idea of the shrine, what a wonderful way to mark the life and your feelings.

A horrible scenario for poor Blossom though.

As a dear blog friend just reminded me..ebb and flow...ebb and flow.

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Dang it. I'm sorry you're hurting...thinking of you all in the days ahead and praying for moments of joy, hope and sunshine...

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Marmalade. I just got 2 dozen eggs from my co-worker yesterday. When he hands me the eggs, I always say "thank the chickens for me", and he always laughs and says "I will".

Thanks for providing the girls with love dear Marmalade (and for the eggs too). Hope you are all healing.

Heather said...

Oh, June. I am so sorry! Do you know what happened to her? It is so hard to lose the pets you come to love. Even the feathered variety. I hope your daughters' broken hearts mend quickly and Marmalade's happy memory lives on.

Sharon said...

What a tough time for your little family! We lost all of our tomatoes too - such a bummer.

fortunately, we're enjoying this week of vacation with sun, sun, sun in Bethel ME. A real treat!!

Wren said...

Oh no!!! I am so sorry to hear about dear Marmalade. She was so beautiful. And now YOUR tomatoes??? My heart is breaking for you. Darn late blight.

Sending you lots of love and kind thoughts your way. Glad to hear the pizza oven is working though...

(PS- the picture of Marmie in her ride is priceless.)

Nan said...

I'm so sorry. This is the sad thing about having animals in our lives. We never kill our chickens, and they just live out their lives until they die. Usually we'll see one getting a little quiet and holding herself apart from the others, and then in a while she dies. The comfort for you all is that you gave her a wonderful life.

And on another topic, I found another pizza oven a long way away!

JGH said...

Poor Blossom. Poor Marmalade - and she was a beautiful bird. Love the idea to preserve the eggs and create a shrine in her memory. Big hugs to all of you.

ozark summers said...

huggs from the ozarks...

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh's sooo hard to see our children hurt..and yet loss is a sad part of life they must face some day. I am so sorry for Marmalade, but they should feel so proud to have cared for her, loved her and that shrine to her memory is just amazingly sweet. Hugs from Utah - as I am listening to the rooster next door find his voice, I'll sent up a little prayer for Marmalade. Hugs...

Quinn Lavigne said...

so sorry to hear! and the tomatoes! tell the girls that i will just have to come up there, and do something special with them. that could include a pizza from that oven in your backyard....lots of hugs!

sarah in the woods said...

So sorry. :( Looks like Daisy Roo is up to the loving!

Magnolia Handspun said...

I am so sorry for your is So hard to lose a pet....
It is nice though that mister here is getting a hug.
All the best to you all.

Toni said...

Sorry about your chicken.... that's sad.

So jealous of your pizza oven!!! Need pics!

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