Monday, August 31, 2009

Ugly beauty

by June

Title: The gardener's self-portrait in tomato.

Why do I have this ridiculously giddy grin on my tomato-y face? The answer is self-evident: Because this Ruby Gold is ripe at last. Despite cold. Despite rain. Despite blight.

It's been two years since I tasted a Ruby Gold, which is my favorite of all heirlooms. Ruby Gold looks like sunset on a plate, and she has a tender juicy-juicy-juicy flesh and a sweetness beyond belief. Last year, hail battered her to the ground. This year, I've been watching this gnarled beauty fight her way into being.

We ate her last night. Sliced. Simple. Sweet and delicious.

As they ripen (if they ripen), we'll be featuring our heirlooms here. I'm a Fedco seed devotee, and though I adore the catalog's bright Technicolor prose, I do sometimes want a peek at the tomato herself. So if you're that way too, please, welcome, have a peek at ours.

Isn't she lovely?


Fern said...

Mommy, That doesn't look like you!

Blossom said...

That doesn't look like you, Mommy!

June said...

Hey, Fern and Blossom: That was a real twin moment, huh? I love you two think-alikes!

tara said...

oh my gosh those comments from your kids, so perfect.
and yes, your tomato is lovely!

lastly, thank you for your kind words over on my blog. it's so nice to meet you!

Tricia Orchard said...

I think the tomato is great! None of my tomatoes have ripened yet so yours is miles ahead of mine!


Daphne Gould said...

Oh that is a fabulous tomato. I do love its color. It is a good illustration how a tomato can be perfect, scars and all.

Karen Sue said...

lovely tomato. I often get a tree with a dip for Christmas. Am finally starting to harvest my big tomatoes..i've been eating cherry tomatoes for a while. My home seed started tomatoes were rather leggy this year..looking to improve that next year and also perhaps some heirlooms. Do you gather your own seeds for another year? Not sure I'm ready for that..I'm still doing baby step gardening, but hey, if I tickle myself, what does it matter?!?!?!

Amanda said...

That tomato looks like it should be a Halloween ornament!

Conny said...

So, now that Stevie Wonder song is running through my head - "Isn't She Lovely?..." What a gorgeous tomato. I've got tomato envy. :>)

Wren said...

I love Conny's comment... That song cracks me up!
Great looking tomato. Hope it was as good as it looks!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

That is quite lovely. I really haven't had a good tomato in a couple of years. = ( Your's looks quite delicious.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Its good to treat them equal... hmmm. ~bangchik

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I've never had that variety of tomato, but now you've got me wanting one :-)

And, no, even though I don;t know what you look like, I am most certain this does not look like you. Good observation, girls!

gardenmama said...

Fedco seeds are favorites over here too!
Heirloom tomatoes are incredible!
Yes, just what is with the tomatoes this year!?
Happy harvesting : )

Anonymous said...

absolutely lovely. a fighter for sure. amazing the power of nature. sums up life in a big way.

Magnolia Handspun said...

LOL.....that's great, thank you for sharing such a fun shot.
Great comments from your kids.

Teresa said...

Yum. Nothing like your own tomatoes fresh out of the garden. That is especially true this year with all the blight everyone is suffering through.

A Friend Across the Miles said...

Looks so yummy. I just want to sprinkle a little sea salt and some fresh ground pepper on it. Ruby Gold - I'm going to look into growing it next year. Thanks goodness, there's always next year.

Linda said...

I've actually never tasted an heirloom tomato. I'm impressed that yours have grown even with a cold rainy summer, so I might direct my tomato efforts in that direction next year.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

June I found a recipe for all my green tomatoes:

Green Tomato Relish!

Farmama said...

I think that the ugliest tomatoes taste the very best!....and I love Fedco too! You've talked me into it.....I must grow some Ruby Golds next year! Thanks for your inspiration!

tom at tall clover farm said...

Nice tomato June, and hopefully this weekend I'll post pics of mine. Since we both live two coasts apart in places where summer is a timid visitor, I'll let you know which varieties work for me so far.

Your Ruby Gold looks very much like my Old German or Pineapple heirlooms. I'm with you, by far the best tasting, fewest-seeded tomato I grow. My absolute favorite. For a firmer and reliable grower try Northern Exposure (baseball size)and Fourth-of-July (ping-pong ball size) which ripens Fourth-of-August around Puget Sound. Husky Gold and Lemon boy are nice medium slicers with sweet mellow flavors, and Sungold is the sweetest cherry I know of. Here's to the fresh tomato, shall they grace our gardens and plates every summer! -tc

Daphne Gould said...

I left you a meme on my Sunday post if you want to join in.

JGH said...

I'm always curious about the insides, so thanks for going there! Have you ever seen that book "Play with your Food"? A couple of black eyed peas and you're ready for Halloween already.

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